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Innovative 100% Australian-made AUSfonteTM and AUS-IONTM cookware

Barely two years old, the gorgeous AUSfonteTM cast iron and AUS-IONTM steel cookware ranges from Solidteknics are the only production cookware made in Australia. Made from clean Australian iron, acclaimed by top chefs, exported to USA, and breaking sales records in the best cookshops and online.

Driving the success of AUS-IONTM cookware has been their patent-pending seamless, rivetless one-piece construction: a world-first that means these pans cook and season just like cast iron, but are half the weight!

Seasoned bare iron/steel is widely recognized as the healthiest cooking option of all, and has seen a huge resurgence in recent years in the USA, where savvy cooks are rejecting synthetic nonstick coatings for their toxic fumes at high heat, and their disposability. Sustainable Solidteknics cookware is multi-generation durable and the natural nonstick seasoning is forever renewable. These pans are so indestructible, the written warranty is multi-century. Every pan comes engraved with the exact date of manufacture because they are intended to be handed down through many generations as family heirlooms.

What better gift for the cooks in your life than innovative, Australian-made, healthy, sustainable, chef-acclaimed, multi-generation iron cookware?!

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