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The Biochar Revolution - Biochar For Improving Soil Fertility

There is absolutely no doubt or argument that one of the biggest issues we face as a global community is the degradation of the environment. Degradation of our land and pollution of our waterways and air undoubtedly poses the biggest challenge our next generation will face. However, it is a now problem and one that we believe everyone can start taking active steps in rectifying today. We also believe that Biochar technology itself can significantly contribute to the restoration of a clean and productive, natural environment. Widespread use of quality biochar will absolutely reduce the amount of carbon entering the atmosphere, will help dramatically reduce water usage, will improve the quality of soil and therefore, will also improve food quality and nutrition. It forms a solution to the ecological challenges we share globally. As you look further into biochar technology and the way it can potentially replace most of the current, fossil fuel driven, unsustainable agricultural practises, with sustainable organic practises that mitigate climate change and improve soil quality, you may come to the same belief we share. The belief that the economic benefits of this technology are massive. This is why Biochar is a revolution and this is why we are so excited about Biochar.

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