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Ceres Organics

Their wild green dreams of a company fueled by a social mission is today a reality. They have grown from a small collective of like-minded visionaries to become a much-loved household name, providing delicious certified organic products covering virtually every ambient food category. From wholeheartedly supporting the welfare of growers, to making conscious choices in packaging, they carry their ethos from farm to table.

Their original vision has become their mantra, and today the Ceres Organics team continue to work with planeteers everywhere, to bring honest organic food to as many as people as they can. But organic is much more than just a food category, it’s a belief, it’s a way of life, but perhaps most importantly, it is a movement that looks to work with nature to leave the planet better than when they found it.

They won’t rest until they've made organics part of everyday life for everyone.

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