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IME Natural Perfumes

Created and founded by Tonia Walker who has a background in natural therapies, IME Natural Perfume combines her love of wellness with a passion for truly beautiful aromas that have a mood-boosting effect on the wearer. Harnessing the power of scent from fresh-smelling botanicals, IME vegan perfumes are 100% natural—no nasties in sight. Complex, sophisticated and gentle. Choose your Muse, Mood, Colour or Scent. #chooseyourmuse

Created holistically, you can choose by Muse, Mood, Colour or Scent. We also have a Men’s range based on the Elements of Life, our first two in the range are granite [earth] & Offshore [water].

We offer a healthy and safe approach to mainstream fragrance with a collection of certified natural perfumes that can take you on a holistic sensory journey of inspiration, colour, mood and scent.

With the original eau de parfum range touted as ‘little bottles of inspired, fragrant nectar sent straight from the Gods’, the new solid perfume balm range is no different with the added benefits of being alcohol-free and in biodegradable, eco-luxe packaging.
Prepare to reimagine yourself with fragrances that enhance mind, body & soul - naturally.

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