i-Care Eyewear

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i-Care is an exclusive branded collection of sunglasses, reading glasses and accessories incorporating winter and summer designs produced specifically for Amcal, Amcal+ and Guardian stores by Gibson Eyewear.

i-Care sunglasses offer maximum UV protection and are manufactured to meet the mandatory requirements of Australian standard AS/NZS:2016. With seasonal fashion bursts and category diversity including kids, adults, fashion, surf, polarized, sports and over-specs, the collection is sure to meet the needs of Australian Families.

i-Care readers are regularly updated to keep selections looking fresh, new and on trend to ensure the best value options are provided when it comes to ready-made reading glasses.

i-Care Accessories is a collection of Winter & Summer apparel accessories, offering styles to suit every member of the family. The collection is produced with high quality materials to ensure maximum style, value and most importantly premium sun protection is achieved.

We are serious in providing premium eye protection against the damaging effects of UV radiation for your children by promising to offer 100% UV protection on all children's sunglasses ranging from birth to 14 years old.

Shelter from the sun or rain with i-Care Umbrellas.
A conservative yet fun Umbrella collection suitable for the whole family. With many colours, designs and functional options that will make you smile regardless whether your day is bringing you rain, hail or sunshine.

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