Euca On Line

The Story of Euca

From humble beginnings in country Victoria, Euca has been growing a strong but loyal following of its laundry products for 50 plus years. All made in Altona Melbourne. 100% Australian.

From the early 1900’s Eucalyptus was found to be an exceptional cleaner and natural disinfectant, so the family business of “Euca cleaning” was born.

The later addition of citrus to help in cleaning formulations was seen as a perfect fit and helped create the basis of the company philosophy of making cleaning products that uses less harmful chemicals and as much environmentally friendly raw material as possible. And all this was in the mid 1900’s. Euca were very early pioneers of being eco-friendly.

Birth of Euca On Line
Euca Laundry was born from an old family tried and true recipe for cleaning workers overalls, but the blend was found to be very special as it contained no harsh fillers or chemicals as found in other laundry products.

Euca has a proven ability to not only clean all clothes well, but clean your washing machine, look after your skin and environment and be extremely economical to use as well, being a true concentrate.

With a small but loyal following, and no retail resolution, Euca took it upon themselves to showcase the full range to the general public via www.eucaonline.com.au

Euca have quietly been innovating a whole range of unique household cleaning products that out-perform expectations and generally have many varied uses. They work so well, it is hard to pigeon hole them for one specific purpose. See the “Full Range” at www.eucaonline.com.au”

Some pivotal NEW key product developments have been;
• Euca Soft Wash
• Euca Tuff
• Euca Glass
• Euca Universal
• Euca Disinfectant
• Euca Smell Expell

Most customers are aware Euca is not like other household cleaners. It is a very unique Brand in the market today and they go out of their way to seek out Euca to use in their home.

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