Madura Tea Estates

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Since 1978, we have been fuelled by a vision to create the purest of tea blends, whilst nurturing the ecosystem that sustains them. Our legacy has been upheld as a blueprint for our clean and pure tasting tea, underpinned by a respect for our environment and community. We have evolved into a multi award-winning Australian owned and operated tea plantation renowned for our passionate approach to the art of tea blending and crafting; ensuring that each delicious and refreshing sip is a consistent experience for every tea enthusiast.

Our vision remains strong – harvest and craft a perfect brew by blending both Australian grown and hand selected premium teas from around the world. Our tea leaves are slowly and naturally withered enabling the leaf itself to take on the characteristics and flavour for which our estate is renowned. Each and every blend, including our single origin teas are packaged and sealed on-site ensuring freshness and purity.

Our brews boast a range of classic handcrafted blends, including black, white, green, chai, and organic teas. We are equally celebrated for crafting popular herbal infusions featuring creative flavour combinations such as lemon myrtle, lemon, lime and ginger and seven spice chai, as well as the more traditional tastes of peppermint and camomile.

We welcome you to join the growing Madura family and enjoy our award winning teas and discover why Madura means ‘Paradise’.

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