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Dorothea Lucaci Healing Arts


I offer a bespoke session called a Soul Dance Session that weaves together an intuitive blend of my expertise, as a holistic approach to growth and wellbeing. In addition to that I offer Access Bars, Reiki, Sound Healing, Theta Healing, Past Life Regression, and Astrology Sessions.

I love to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have acquired with my clients, helping them move beyond limiting beliefs, redesign their future, and understand the cycles of growth and change that will bring them their greatest lessons and evolution.


I’m a Musician, Intuitive Healing Artist, Writer, Astrologer and eternal student of ancient wisdom and modern science. After receiving a Bachelor of Social Science & Psychology at RMIT University, Melbourne I headed out to explore the world. After a year of adventuring through Europe and North America I settled in NYC and decided to take a different road.

For a decade I played in the fashion industry of New York and Paris, working my way from intern to assistant, to head stylist. It felt frivolous and fun but I soon began feeling an insatiable thirst to return to my musical and humanitarian roots, and follow the path of spirit.

I was blessed to live in NYC, a Mecca of Wellbeing and Alternative Wellness, so many world renowned teachers came to share their knowledge right at my doorstep. With a new found desire to know and understand myself and the human consciousness I studied many paths and traditions.

As I traveled along my own healing journey, thirsting for knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and self awareness, I became that which I was seeking.

I wish to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have acquired with others, like you, so you may awaken to your own soul dance and walk along your transformational journey with more grace, love, and self compassion then I could on my solo journey.

I believe that we are each on a hero's journey and that our answers are all already within us. That much of the disharmony we experience arises when we come out of alignment with our authentic selves.

Coming back into a state of balance and harmony can create a sense of clarity and peace, and an environment in which the mind, body, heart, and soul can experience healing and growth.

I’m here to offer support, guidance and hold sacred space as you align with your truth, discover and overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace your dreams.



In addition to my private client session I also offer Sound Baths, workshops and events through Dreaming Moondance, to find out more, or join an event please see


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