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Susan Walling Kinesiology

Many clients find Susan as a last resort to a very tiring journey of trying to heal anxiety, depression, unfulfilled expectations, tricky life transitions, goal achievement, gut issues, stuckness and the big one…..self abandonment- loosing self in relationships / work / life.

All of these symptoms or life experiences are an opening into greater awareness, authenticity, choice and freedom…..but they sure don't feel like it when you are going through it.

The most important step into empowerment IS through the portal of fear, this is when people usually book in.

Susan is well known in her ability to see beyond the stories and create an opening to new levels of possibility, with a gift of moving energy quickly, she brings awareness to core imbalances that have created stress & blockages within the system. Her approach is informative, intuitive and grounded.

Sessions are facilitated at her clinic in Preston and via distance.

On the other side of the portal is self empowerment

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