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Carolyn McCallum, Director, Feng Shui Harmony, is an Internationally Accredited Feng Shui Master (IFSA) and was the 1st in NSW to receive Accreditation from the Australian Association where she previously held the position of President and Treasurer. She is a full time consultant who has worked with clients in Sydney, Australia and World-wide. Carolyn has appeared as the Feng Shui expert for Channel 7s House of Wellness and is regularly interviewed on TV and radio and has written numerous articles on this topic due to her industry knowledge and expertise.

Using traditional principles of Feng Shui (which have been practised for over 3000 years) enables people to harness the hidden energy in every building. There is both prosperous and challenging energy in every premises and knowing where the good energy is located so it can be activated to support wealth in particular is crucial for success. Likewise, knowing where the challenging energy is located is just as important as there are many things that can be done to harmonise this energy to ensure occupants are protected and their health and relationship are supported.

Carolyn has conducted over 1500 consultations over the last 4 years and especially likes working with residential clients to ensure their homes are as supportive as possible. She finds helping clients design homes and working with builders, developers and architects particularly satisfying. Carolyn donates a portion of every consultation to charities including World Vision and The Fred Hollows Foundation too.

Carolyn has worked on a number of large scale projects including Chatswood Private Hospital (NSW) Gunghalin Community Club (ACT) and over 10 large Clubs in Sydney ensuring their restaurants and gaming areas are enjoyable places to spend time. Carolyn has designed office fit outs for corporations and businesses and worked on large, medium and small density apartment complexes to ensure the living environment of future occupant’s health, wealth and relationships are optimised.

To conduct a consultation, Carolyn requires the address and floorplan of the space being analysed, date of birth of occupants, and the approximate age of the premises. Whilst onsite visits can be conducted for those in the Sydney area, remote consultations are an easy way to access Carolyn’s expertise from around Australia and indeed, world wide. Contact Carolyn now to let her help you ensure your premises is working with you rather than against you.

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