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Eva Karpati

Eva Karpati is one of the most experienced skincare therapists in Australia with international training and experience. Her 30 years’ of experience and track record means that her knowledge of skin is unsurpassed and she delivers the most superior and premium treatments in the market.
Eva transforms skin without the need for fillers or Botox, to bring skin health back to life, naturally. High potency ingredients, such as her patented Marine Stem Cells complex, means Eva can combine the latest scientific advances with superior natural ingredients to achieve dramatic results at a cellular level. Eva’s products brilliantly deliver the extraordinary results of her facials with a synergistic mix of the most advanced, potent, and restorative ingredients. Each product expertly combines superior, innovative formulations that are 100% chemical-free to restore skin health.
The peace of mind that comes from using safe and effective cosmetics is paramount in supporting our wellbeing. Eva is dedicated to educating clients about what is best for their skin and their health, providing natural products with superior result driven qualities and free from harmful ingredients. Her desire is to ensure our generation becomes better educated to be able to make informed decisions about what we put on our body on a daily basis.

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