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Pippa Neve

Pippa is a highly experienced and accredited, intuitive natural healer, meditation guide and Indigo Essence practitioner running a practice in Lilyfield, in Sydney’s Inner West.
Healing is suitable for anyone who is dealing with illness or injury, either physically or emotionally or for anyone simply looking to restore or rebalance energy levels.
While modern medicine deals with the physical, energy healing can help release the emotional charge behind the problem; leaving you feeling lighter, freer and more able to move forwards with life in the most positive of ways.
Natural, non-invasive, and holistic, healing can re-energize and relax you and improve general health and well-being overall. This in turn can encourage motivation and foster greater self-confidence in all aspects of our daily lives.
Pippa’s approach to healing is heart centred, working on a soul level.
After initial consultation, Pippa devises tailor made, personalised sessions based on individual needs.
Her approach is warm, kind and intuitive and her private studio setting provides a safe space to release negative energy and have positive energy restored.
No faith or belief is needed on the part of the client, only an openness to the healing energy, and all appointments are held in confidence.
Pippa also runs small group guided meditation sessions.
Think meditation is not for you? Or you’re just not wired that way? You’re not alone.
But the benefits of meditation are proven.
From mental strength, memory retention and enhanced cognitive skills to immunity and emotional well-being, countless studies have shown why taking time out to meditate really is ‘good for you’.
Enjoy the freedom that time to switch off and tune out can bring to you.
Rebalance your energy levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Guided meditation is one of the best types of meditation for beginners as you are taken on a journey through nature or the body allowing you a chance to divert your thoughts to the present and actively feel the peace that comes with this state of mindfulness.
Pippa’s intuitive and flexible teaching style also provides a great format for those who meditate regularly.
Total health really does start from the inside out and a session with Pippa will leave you nurtured in both body and mind.

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