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I Combine both Clinical Hypnosis, Clinical Counselling, NLP, CBT, Part's Therapy, Mesmerism and Aversion Therapy with over 20 + years professional experience.I have trained and worked in Canada, and Australia working 1 on 1 in private practice,and as a resident Hypnotist at The New Me. I regularily conduct lectures, seminars,and I am a board member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.My approach is Professional,individualized,and intensive.I specialize in Weight loss, Addictions; Stop Smoking, Alcohol, Gambling, Over-shopping, Anxiety, Grief, Depression,Exercise Motivation, IBS, Fear Of Flying, Confidence and self esteem, Stage Performance confidence for actors/singers and/or public speakers, Sleep Issues...and more. 1 session may be all you need to create fast ,lasting, change.

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