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Bali Vegan Festival

"How to start a delicious revolution of minds at Bali Vegan Festival 2018”

Cultivating seeds of compassion, love for all living beings, and sustainability since 2015, Bali Vegan Festival returns for an even bigger
2018 edition.

Like past years, the festival will take place in Ubud, cultural capital of Bali, from the 5th to the 7th of October. As of this year, the festival will
also take place in the surf village of Canggu from the 12th to the 14th of October.

Since the festival was first established in 2015 by Down to Earth Bali, its aim has been to give each participant the tools to fuel a global revolution through talks, hands-on workshops, cooking demos, and community discussions.

The ultimate goal of the festival is for everyone to leave with the resources and community support to live out their cruelty-free lifestyle
and spread the peace by example.

As the first and only vegan festival in Bali, a tourist hub with 4.2 million residents and millions of visitors every year, it has a tremendous responsibility to inspire. Vegans, vegan-curious, flexitarians, and omnivores are all welcome.

To promote inclusion, residents will receive a discount on the price of the passes and the vegan village will be free access for all, with food stalls, community yoga, and concerts.

Spreading the message is a two-way street, and Bali Vegan Festival will greatly benefit from each participant's support and input, as the whole is greater the sum of its parts."

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